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Color Sorter

Orthodox 200/300/400 KG

SORTEA – Single Tray Sorter

SORTEA is a simple single tray sorter as against other multi-deck machines. It has an in-built feed hopper....


Fully Automatic Control System (optional) prevents....

Single & Multi Pass Band Dryer

VISTA’s Band driers are specifically designed for energy efficient drying of granular particles or extrudates at low air temperatures...


VISTA's Combination driers have been specially designed for very high outputs at medium to moderately high hot air temperatures, making optimum use....

Finer Cut For Your Vista CTC

The VISTA CTC is fitted with special hygienic imported PVC belts which are easy to scrape and clean.

Continuous Fermenting Machine

VISTA PVB Magic Mesh CFM is the answer to all fermentation needs. It's individual air control design , imported Magic ...

New Generation Rolling Table Machine

Highlights of the VISTA FULLY AUTOMATION MACHINE(Orthodox and Green Tea)

Static Bed And Vibro-Fluidized Bed Dryers

VISTA s Static Bed & Vibro Fludized Bed dryers are designed for high heat transfer rates making them the ideal choice for economic drying of materials having a wide size distribution with significant number of over size particles and those which are cohesive, sticky or fragile.

Our Services

Top Five Reasons To Buy VISTA Products

We are experts in this industry for more than 25 years and our in-home R&D have developed a great combination of innovative products which is Highly Productive to the world standard.

  1. Automation

    Fully Automated machine close to “Zero Percent Manpower”

  2. Energy Saving

    Save up to 40% Electricity Power compare to normal process.

  3. Productivity

    Productivity gets increased because of Fully Automated Machineries

  4. Quality

    Quality is High while using automated machineries with less Man Effort 

Contact Address

Vista Equipments and Machines Pvt Ltd
S.F.No.17, Thillai Nagar Extension,
Pollachi Main Road, Eachanari,
Coimbatore - 21, Tamil nadu.

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A Culture Of Innovative Engineering

At VISTA, studying various drying needs and applying new technology has helped us meet the drying requirements of a variety of agro industries. Each new project has been for us a fresh opportunity to explore , learn and widen our horizons. Today, each custom-built machine that rolls out from VISTA is backed by solid experience, an impeccable track record and by years of R&D.